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Cue Sport Training Tool

Reduce the energy spent setting up similar practice shots on a standard pool table.  Build on your cue skills or find new ones easier with Recall.

Cueist who wish to focus their practicing time and energy where it matters most while improving their accuracy and skills should use Recall.

Recall Tool with pool ball

How It Works

Recall (Patent Pending) helps the cueist with the well-known adage that “practice makes perfect”.  Recall’s main feature is reducing the energy spent setting up a practice shot.  Once Recall is setup, the object ball rolls down to a predetermined spot on either a 7-, 8-, or 9-foot table for a player to shoot at repeatedly to either find what works, or to build muscle memory.  Since Recall is placing the object ball, more time and energy can be put to where it matters which is the pre-shot routine.  Recall has two modes, half and full to help place an object ball in any spot on a pool table for constant & repeatable practice of a shot.

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Improve your pocketing and cue ball leave skills  

Identify and improve your pre-shot routine fundamentals 

Improve your muscle memory

Discover what works in less time

Various practice types, offense, defense, kicks, banks, & caroms


Consistency is key for taking your pool game to the next level.  Focusing more of your practice energy into your pre-shot routine fundamentals can shorten the time it takes to “make that shot & cue ball leave” 10 out of 10.  Building muscle memory isn’t a new concept for getting better, under real match conditions solid muscle memory skill sets that Recall helped with will come in handy and along the way, you may just have more fun playing this great game.

If you wish to improve your skills or increase your accuracy, Recall is for you!

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The Product
Recall tool in use
How It Started

In speaking with a pro, I asked what they practice to get better, and their response was making sure to make the shot 10 out of 10 times for starters.  

Recall was designed and tested by pool players for the main intention of exploiting this tip and uses a well-documented practice approach, building muscle memory through repetition.   Practicing something repeatedly to improve on is not a new concept.  Baseball has batting cages, golf has a driving range, tennis has a ball launcher, soccer a rebound net, etc.  Pool players when they miss a critical match shot, we tend to practice that shot again, & again.  Recall helps with what naturally comes to us when we want to identify how to make it repeatedly.



"The inventor of the Recall is one of my students. He spent many hours developing Recall and I have received positive feedback from other students that have used the device for better position training and cue ball control. Recall is solidly made and will become an essential tool for your training regimen. I highly recommend Recall."

PBIA Master Instructor,  John Lucarelli

Training Videos

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is Recall once setup to place object balls in a particular spot?

Physics has already answered this question. If conditions are all the same (release, table, felt, object ball) the outcome will be the same.

How much time do I save using Recall versus hand placing the object ball to hit?

Overall you do save time but the value of Recall is in the quality of practice and how it allows a pool player to maintain rhythm and energy into what matters when shooting instead of setting up the shot by hand or an outreached cue.

What is the most effective practice shot that Recall could provide?

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses in pool. Identifying what we need to improve on is our own however do not limit your practice to just making shots, i.e., offense. Use Recall for defense, kicks, banks and even use Recall to improve your left hand if naturally right and right hand if naturally left, become ambidextrous with less effort.